Mark Schondorf

Principal, Divorce Law


Why I Practice Divorce

A divorce involves a variety of legal issues. Some cases are about the money; some are about the kids; some are about both; and some are quick and easy. A case might require investigating hidden income in a business, while another might be fighting to move a child to another state. You can come to me for practically anything related to divorce or family law. I am not afraid of complicated situations. The more complex, the more help my client will need, and I am the first person to stand up and confidently represent their interests to protect their assets and livelihood.

What Make Me Different?

Listening to my clients and understanding their situation is one of my greatest strengths, as is offering creative solutions. In counseling business owners, I learned the concerns my clients had – like cash flow problems, tax consequences, employment risks, insurance coverage issues, and securing financing are akin to divorce, especially for business owners or their spouses. Lawyers with a financial aptitude and legal skills in negotiating family law matters are a rare breed. Divorce and family law can get very messy and complicated when it comes to finances, and my clients benefit greatly from my skillset.

My Background

I had the opportunity to start my practice right out of law school under the wing of a more experienced attorney. He showed me the ropes, how to try a case, and how fun it can be advocating for people in court. I tried cases alone in front of juries, and in fact, my very first client set a legal precedent in cases that is still followed today. I came to Chicago in early 2011 and focused my practice on divorce law. I worked with a large divorce firm and handled cases involving complicated business assets, high net-worth individuals, and heart wrenching custody battles. In early 2013, I decided to start my own practice in the northern suburbs and eventually connected with Adam Hecht and we formed our firm Hecht Schondorf, LLC. Together we have built a small and powerful group of professional, experienced lawyers dedicated to supporting the legal needs of our clients.

Meet Our Team

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