You Provide the Questions about Spousal Support – Hecht Schondorf will Provide Viable Answers

If you’re going through the challenge of divorce, you probably have a considerable list of questions you’d like answered – hopefully by a Family and Divorce lawyer whose expertise you trust – an attorney with a different focus – one that is directed at you and your needs and not the billable hour.

Some of the more intriguing and challenging questions current and potential clients ask me include:

  • My (ex) spouse and I enjoyed a standard of living higher than our means during our marriage. Will the judge factor this into the amount I’m asked to pay?
  • What if my ex-partner moves in with their new partner, gains that income, and never remarries? Am I entitled to a deduction in support?
  • Is alimony permanent?
  • Does the amount of alimony stay the same no matter what my former partner’s income becomes?
  • Does my situation qualify me for spousal support? What does?
  • Under what conditions does spousal support end?
  • What about the earning capacity of my ex-spouse?
  • If my ex -partner dies, do I still receive alimony payments from their estate?
  • How is the amount of support determined, and who determines that?
  • I worked overtime in order to support our lifestyle. Can the court order me to continue working overtime?
  • My former partner started receiving a pension benefit. can this mean I get more financial support?
  • Can receiving child support lower my spousal support award?
  • Is there any way to guarantee payment of spousal support?
  • Will receiving spousal support change my tax bracket?
  • Can spousal support be waived?
  • What are things I can do to get spousal support terminated?

There’s no question that you’ve got to have a knowledgeable, experienced attorney who can answer these and other critical legal issues that have the power to impact your life and financial well-being today and far into the future. In addition to knowing the law, I know that support takes many forms and I will do my best as an advocate and understanding person to provide it.

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