For Family Law, Trust Mark Schondorf, a Family Man Who Understands


I’m Mark Schondorf, and I understand that divorce impacts lives and livelihoods –  the emotional impact on every family member—and the business and financial impact that not only change your wealth, but well-being. Divorce can sweep you along in its wake and it’s my job to stop that.  As an Illinois Family Law and Divorce attorney, I want to help you navigate those waters—protect and assist you in gaining, regaining, and assuming control so you’re on solid ground again.

In 2011, I moved to Illinois to raise a family of my own. I now live with my wife and three children (yay!) in the northern suburbs of Chicago, which is lovely but a bit removed from Wrigley Field, the epicenter of miracles. As a father and husband, I understand how important it is for a parent to have and maintain a close relationship with his or her children, and how a divorce can change every aspect of family life – so I bring my head, heart and experience to every niche and nuance of family law.

What I do

I draft prenuptial agreements, draft and modify child support and spousal agreements, and obtain orders of protection for my clients in abusive or dangerous relationships. I handle uncontested divorces as well as divorces that end up as contests that could be seen on Reality TV. I not only provide good counsel, advocate for you, and support you when you need someone to step into the courtroom ring, I am experienced and successful when it comes to trials and litigation.

Sometimes in life and in law, you need someone to stand up and fight for you – loudly, clearly, convincingly.

What I Do Differently

I fully understand business and finance. Only a very small percentage of family lawyers also have a degree in finance. This means if you’re a business owner going through a divorce, I can protect you better than average divorce lawyers can. Most divorce attorneys do not understand business valuations, close corporations, unique investment structures, and retirement assets. I understand tax returns, income statements, balance sheets, and business appraisals that have most family lawyers confused. Most people can’t afford a confused attorney, literally.

My Philosophy

This is your life, your family, and your divorce. My job is to provide the information you need to make the right decision, and that same mentality runs throughout this firm. I will explain every step of the process, every option on your table and, if possible, the likelihood of success of each option.

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