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If you’re contemplating a divorce, you do not have to go it alone. Helping clients get through and past the potentially troubling issues and strains of divorce is my is Mark Schondorf’s bread and butter. He makes it his “business” to help.

Financial knowledge is of particular importance to business owners, professionals and high-income/net worth people who are entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders who have built wealth independently and want to protect it.

It’s an easier experience for everyone if marital partners are not contesting the divorce and are in agreement on important matters, including the children, child custody and support, and assuring the children’s financial well-being, now and in the future.

There can be equitable division of property and other assets, alimony, and more, but if there are contested issues and you are facing jeopardy on any number of fronts, you have our personal assurance of uncompromising, ethical, caring representation and the full backing of all the resources of Hecht Schondorf.

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