Smart, Fair, Correct Child Support Requires a Family Lawyer Who is Also Sharp with Finances

Welcome to Hecht Schondorf and a rarity in the business of Family Law and Divorce (and other areas of life that mean business). We’re proud that we can offer the accomplished services of two lawyers for the price of one – and that’s all wrapped up in me, Mark Schondorf.

As noted elsewhere, I’m a Family Law and Divorce lawyer with experience in hundreds of cases, AND I am also a businessman who graduated with a degree in finance.

Why is that important to you? Because calculating child support can be financially complicated and challenging. One or both parents should begin by asking what the child needs now from a monetary perspective and is likely to need in the future. Even in high income cases or cases where there is great family wealth, we need to determine what the child’s needs are. This differs from what the child may be given by the estate, and that’s where my colleague, Estate Attorney, Nina Stillman can apply her expertise if need be.

The law in child support determination cases may offer a guideline amount, but we can and, in the right cases, do challenge that amount, and that is why crunching numbers and being able to validate them legally is critically important.

In order to get it right and protect your financial rights, we need to investigate and understand the full wealth of a spouse, which typically means investigating and understanding actual and hidden assets: payroll sheets, health insurance deductions, contributions to charity — in short, the location of all income from businesses, family trusts, investments and more.

Finally, I want you to know that my/our services in the child support and legal arena go far beyond help in determining the amount of child support. We offer experienced legal advice, counsel and help when it comes to issues and questions you’re likely to have.

  • If you have an otherwise amicable divorce, how can you remove yourself from the way child custody issues are impacting the peace you enjoy and need?
  • How do you get a delinquent spouse to follow through on their child support obligations? Are there legal steps? What works? What doesn’t? What never will?
  • Are you receiving too little support, or feeling strongly that you are paying too much? If so we can
    seek a post-decree modification.
  • Is it time to think about college education expenses for the child?

There are many things to know and questions we can address even in our first free initial consultation, which I hope you will request by calling me at (312) 878-1202.

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