For The Professional Record

Mark Schondorf

Adam Hecht

We are in the business of Law. Whether you need family law services, a seasoned real estate attorney, dynamic litigator or require assistance in professional business matters, we can help you. At Hecht Schondorf we offer two major distinctions.  First, in addition to specializing in their respective practice areas, each of our attorneys are well-versed in the business and financial aspects of corporate law. Second, is our “all business” approach. Our clients tell us they prefer that we are open, honest, direct and practical. Choosing to refrain from unnecessary schmoozing serves your time or our mutual purpose.

The other distinction clients tell us they appreciate is our “all business” approach to helping you as a client. We don’t feel it serves your time and our mutual purpose to schmooze unnecessarily or take you out to lunch, or launch into questions about your personal life – unless it has relevance. Our clients tell us they prefer the fact that we’re open, honest, direct and practical.

We don’t tell you what you want to hear; we tell you what you need to hear and need to know to come out on top of any dispute, minimize risk, maximize rewards, protect your business family and assets, and help you make informed decisions. Contact us or call (312) 878-1202 for a FREE Strategy Session and lets get down to business!


Business Formulation



Sole Proprietorship

Joint Venture

Operating agreement

Shareholder agreement

Non-disclosure contracts

Construction contracts

Resolution of real estate issues, licensing, zoning, easement

Employee issues/transactions (hiring, contracts, termination, harassment claims)

Independent supplier hiring and contracts

Non-compete (non-solicitation agreements)

Human Resources rules, handbooks, policies