Law, Life and Child Custody –Helping You Understand and Fight for Your Parental Rights

It’s true in law and life that the tendrils of divorce often stretch into very emotional areas. That’s especially true when children are involved and the custody of one or more child is contested. Each parent believes that they know what is best for the children, and the thought of being cut out of their own child’s life, or not being allowed to spend much time with them, or missing holidays, is deeply unsettling and upsetting.

I understand.  I’m Mark Schondorf, Family and Divorce Lawyer at Hecht Schondorf, and I know the complexities involved as a divorce lawyer. I also fully understand the feelings involved because I am a family man who treasures my three children and can’t imagine my life with less of them in it.

Years of experience in this field, however, and representation in dozens of cases have taught me to be cautious, direct with the facts, honest regarding possibilities and probabilities, and not personally invested so I can be objective in my counsel, help my clients make informed decisions, and serve my clients wishes best.

My goal is to be a sincere advocate and fierce litigator for you if it comes to that, but far before any trial happens, we need to sit down face-to-face, discuss the facts and look at your position in the marital relationship, and the law’s position on child custody.

The Law and Child Custody – Best Interests of the Child

The allocation of parenting responsibilities (formerly known as “child custody”) is the right to make legal decisions regarding the life of the child, and courts decide this by following the “best interest of the child” standard. The court will often employ a Guardian ad Litem (“GAL”), and might require the use of a 604.10(b) mental health evaluators to make custody and parenting responsibility determinations. If you and your (ex) spouse can agree to make decisions together, joint parenting responsibility can be appropriate. Again, what the children want and need should be the overriding consideration.

For the record, our office has managed to have sole parenting responsibility of children awarded to our clients in appropriate cases, and we often can obtain joint “custody” as well.

I hope you grant me the honor of your trust and confidence and work with me — and any other legal cavalry at Hecht Schondorf that we need to call up – to achieve your custody goals and wishes.

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