Common Mistakes to Avoid During A Divorce


Divorce proceedings are usually very challenging, and specific actions make it even worse for you to cope. This article covers avoiding such actions so you can go through this stressful time with the least hassle possible. Continue reading to see more. 

Failing to get expert legal counsel 

While there are resources to help you go through a divorce, as well as friends or family members who have gone through the process themselves, they are not attorneys. You need quality legal counsel that is specific to your case. Your action plan would most likely vary from that of another person, so while getting all the help you need, ensure that legal counsel is the responsibility of a qualified divorce attorney. Divorces are complex legal processes that affect you, the split of property and the future of any children. Therefore, you should prioritize advice from certified legal professionals who understand the ropes. 

Not weighing tax consequences in property splits 

The divorce process will likely end with marital property, child custody and a spousal split. In demanding or receiving any asset, look beyond the face value. 

It is critical to consider any potential tax implications of splitting assets and money. If the settlement includes splitting retirement or pension plans, you should ask about tax implications. Not considering these factors may lead to problems like being forced to pay spousal support or receiving a badly undervalued property. You do not want to receive more debt than income. 

Miscommunication and Harassment 

Spouses who are able and ready to communicate with each other healthily often reach the most convenient settlement arrangements. You can avoid the expense of drawn-out and extended litigation by keeping the lines of communication open with your spouse during your divorce and settlement negotiations. In doing this, be sure to be respectful and consider boundaries. While heated arguments may arise from time to time, prioritize healthy communication. This is because high and tense emotions during a divorce usually have harmful consequences on essential things like your emotional well-being and child custody. You may dislike your spouse, but ensure to do your best to maintain peace. 

Withholding information and assets 

Keeping secrets from your divorce attorney will get you into more complications than you can handle. Your divorce attorney can only help you based on the information you have shared. You will put yourself at a serious disadvantage and risk doing irreversible damage to your case if you fail to disclose all relevant information to your lawyer or intentionally mislead them about crucial details of your case. Whatever the matter, be truthful and upfront with your lawyer. 

The same goes for honesty about marital assets. Hiding properties by gifting, changing the books or liquidating during a divorce has dire consequences. Instead, speak to your lawyer and financial advisor about protecting your finances during the divorce process. 

Not taking control of your divorce proceedings

You ultimately decide the best course of action with your split, not your attorney or loved ones. It is you who has to live with the aftermath of the split and the technicalities around it. While it is incredible to have a support system to lead you through this, understand that you make the final decisions. You will need to be firm about your choices if you believe they are the best course of action for you. Being an active participant in decision-making around your divorce will create better outcomes for you. 

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