Can I Change My Divorce Attorney?

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If you are in the middle of divorce proceedings, you may feel like you need better legal representation than you have. This is not without its difficulty, but if you think a switch is in your best interests, it is worth it. Divorces come with many changes and long-term impacts in your life, so it is best to opt for quality representation. Technically, you can switch attorneys within a timeframe, but there are many other factors to consider deeply. Continue reading to gain insight on this.

Factors to Consider when Switching Your Divorce Attorney

  • Consider the reason you want to change attorneys. What is the cause of your dissatisfaction? It is essential not to make a reckless decision, as changing your attorney comes with many associated costs. Reflect on the why, and you just might find that it is a problem you can work through.
  • While you have no legal requirement to hold on to the same attorney throughout the duration of your divorce proceedings, the Judge assigned to your case may not allow you to do so. This may ensure that you do not continue the process without representation. It may also be due to the timing, that is, being close to trial or in the middle of it. Most judges will not even grant a request for a trial postponement simply to change attorneys.
  • Sometimes, your expectations might be unaligned with the real world. Divorces can be messy, expensive, and drag out for months or even years. The justice system may not just be in favor of your case. You need to ask yourself if it is a system issue or just a problem with your attorney.
  • Sincerely gauge if your expectations are unrealistic. Your attorney will not win at every hearing, as this is normal. Many circumstances may arise that will cause disagreements between you and your lawyer, but they should not come in the way of your case.
  • If none of the above is the case and you think your lawyer is offering less than optimal service to you, you have a case. If your lawyer is consistently unreachable or missing court, belittles your situation, or acts in ways that make you lose trust in them, it is enough reason to want to change attorneys. This is also true if it is a matter of principle and ethics.
  • It would help if you also considered the cost of switching attorneys. Your new attorney will need to do a lot of work catching up with your progress, and quite frankly, this is an expensive process. The timeline of your case is also essential here. If your proceedings have lasted for less than 4-6 weeks, it may be reasonably easy for your new attorney to get acquainted. You should brace up for the financial impact if your case has lasted longer and is complicated.

Changing attorneys may sometimes be more cumbersome than choosing at first. If you need a better option, consider getting a second opinion on your case. Get in touch with the law offices of Hecht Schondorf today.