5 Ways A Lawyer Can Help Your Business

Adam Hecht, Business Law, Corporate

Corporate law is detailed and technical. Yet, it is imperative for a business to grasp.

After all, there are thousands (sometimes, even millions!) of dollars at stake. Plus, the business reputation and livelihood of employees is on the line as well.

Have a look at the 5 ways a corporate lawyer can help your business thrive:

1.    Drafting Contracts

While verbal contracts are acceptable, proving them can be tricky, especially in the lack of witnesses. The same goes for handshake contracts.

A business lawyer can help you draft direct, precise, and legally compliant contracts secured with the clauses you require to establish fruitful relations and uphold your business’ integrity.

The same lawyer can also read through other contracts offered to your business to look for any dangerous fine-print or clauses.

2.    Securing Your Intellectual Property

Your logo, brand name, and product designs (etc.) are all part of your business’ intellectual property. This needs protection.

A corporate attorney files your business’ name registration documents, ensures the name, logo, etc., are not already taken, attains trademarks, and takes care of any concerned documentation.

This prevents any potential lawsuits for intellectual property theft while keeping your business secure.

3.    Choosing Appropriate Corporate Structures

A business can take many forms: a sole proprietorship, partnership, company, etc.

A business lawyer can help you decide on an appropriate, initial corporate structure keeping the assets, liabilities, tax regulations, and the number of owners in consideration.

The attorney can also help you transition from one structure to another, e.g., from a partnership to a limited liability company, with ease.

4.    Drafting and Filing Corporate Governance Documents

Every business requires a vision, directive, and set of rules to succeed. These are stated in the corporate governance documents of the business drafted by the corporate attorney such as the Bylaws, NDAs, and Capital-Call Agreements, among others.

5.    Counseling in Difficult Times

A business goes through many stages. From trying to break into the market as a startup to dealing with competitors, the list is long, and the road can be bumpy.

In some situations, the business requires counseling, and corporate attorneys can sometimes provide the best counsel.

Be it drafting terms and conditions, assessing mergers, or analyzing the course of a product litigation suit, a business lawyer can tell you a viable way forward.


A business must navigate through numerous legal twists and turns throughout its cycle to establish a reputation in the industry.

For this endeavor, a corporate attorney, such as those from Hecht Schondorf, can be a massive help.

Reach out for a consultation today, and together, let’s help you navigate the tricky waters of the legal world successfully.