Real Estate Law Needs? Let Adam Hecht “Deal with it.”

I work with commercial real estate deals and every aspect of them on my side of the Hecht Schondorf service spectrum. Up front, I tell my clients –as I would you – that to get a transaction done, we need to deal with all kinds of realities in the marketplace. That’s the whole purpose and distinction of this firm – helping people deal with the real issues, the all-business end of interactions and transactions that impact lives and livelihoods.

For a lawyer to be of service to a client, I believe you need to have “been there and done that.” Unless you’ve purchased a building, or bought and sold property – as I have – it’s difficult to offer astute counsel that will protect your clients from making the mistakes, or benefiting from the successes you’ve had.

Another thing you need to deal with as a real estate attorney is the perception and reality of your leverage and strength as a negotiator versus your competitor. Years ago, when representing a large real estate holding company, I thought I could act like a 500 pound gorilla and push around my opponent.  I quickly realized that a 500 pound can’t push around an 800 pound gorilla, the opponent in question who happened to be one of the largest retailers on the planet.  I learned my lesson and was able to work with this retailer on dozens of deals in ways that protected my client and enhanced what was a vital relationship.

I’m proud to be a partner in the firm of Hecht Schondorf, and a member of a talented and diverse team of experienced professionals and outstanding colleagues — good people who are devoted to helping our clients as legal experts, advisors and advocates. We don’t provide you with the answers; we ask the questions and inform you of options and the law so you can make your own informed decisions.

Three Reasons to Smile

I’m lucky in my area of practice at Hecht Schondorf because I feel that Real Estate Law is “Happy Law.”  As the song goes, “you don’t always get what you want,” but generally, with intelligent compromise on both sides, everyone ends up happy. That’s a rarity in law and life.

Real estate also involves “closings.” It may take a long time, it may get intricate and involve extensive negotiations and maneuvering, but eventually deals get done. They’re over, complete, and you can move on to the next happy experience in your work existence—perhaps getting a chance to have our firm represent you!

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