Real Estate Law Needs? Let Hecht Schondorf “Deal with it.”

How We Can Help

Our law firm works with every aspect of commercial real estate deals. Up front, we explain to our clients that in order to complete a transaction, we need to handle all types of realities in the marketplace. Helping our clients deal with the real issues, the all-business end of interactions and transactions is the whole purpose and distinction of this firm. Our Member, Adam Hecht believes in “been there and done that.” Unless you’ve purchased a building, or bought and sold property – as he has – it’s difficult to offer astute counsel that will protect your clients from making the mistakes, or benefiting from the successes you’ve had.

A significant issue any real estate attorney faces is knowing when to advocate strongly for your client and when to advise a less confrontational approach can be key to a successful result. Hecht Schondorf is able to achieve this delicate balance in ways that protect our client and enhance vital relationships.

We like to say Real Estate Law is “Happy Law.”

As the song goes, “you can’t always get what you want,” but generally, with intelligent compromise on both sides, everyone ends up happy. That’s a rarity in law and life.

Real estate also involves “closings.” It may take a long time, it may get intricate and involve extensive negotiations and maneuvering, but eventually deals get done. They’re over, complete, and you can move on to the next happy experience in your work existence—perhaps getting a chance to have our firm represent you!


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