Eugene Bilmes

Associate, Litigation

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What Make Me Different?

In high school I took as many honors and advanced placement science classes as I could with the goal of becoming a doctor. Sadly, as hard as I worked, my brain wasn’t wired for science. In college I fell in love with finance. Then the sub-prime mortgage collapse happened my senior year and my degree became obsolete before they could hand it to me. Law school was a natural fit for me. I got to use the critical thinking skills I learned from all those science classes, and my finance degree gave me additional insight for my corporate law courses. I loved my time there, and I have no regrets about becoming a lawyer (OK, I have some regrets whenever I check my student loan balance). I’ve always had a broad range of interests, and my practice areas show that range. Whether it’s commercial litigation, real estate deals, family law, or landlord-tenant disputes, I dive in with the same high levels of enthusiasm and care.

My Experience

In Michigan I spent my later teens and early 20s learning the foreclosure real estate business from an experienced broker. After the economy nosedived, I switched sides to help homeowners negotiate short sales with their banks.

After moving to Chicago in 2014, I hit the ground running. I’ve drafted confidentiality agreements for a million-dollar company to better protect its trade secrets, while also fighting for tenants who were wrongfully evicted. I’ve helped mothers and fathers when they weren’t being allowed to see their children, and I’ve advised first-time homebuyers on how to navigate their first purchase.

I joined Hecht Schondorf, LLC because I saw a group of people who take pride in doing great work, and I wanted to be part of that.

Who Am I?

I was born in a former Soviet Republic country now called Moldova. My family wanted more; they wanted the American Dream. In 1992, we made our way to Detroit so my parents could find work in the auto industry. Every day, I saw my parents put in the hard work necessary to give my brother and me a better life than the one they had. That work ethic has been the anchor in my life—from competitive swimming, to playing the drums, to my legal work. I’m privileged to live the life that I have, and I take nothing for granted.

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