Handling Employee Disputes

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Organizations require positive working relationships with their staff members to succeed. As a business owner or manager, the last thing you want is to undergo severe stress due to a legal battle with an employee. Worse still, it can expose your business to significant liability risks. To ensure these problems do not get out of hand, you need an expert employment attorney lawyer with experience representing employers. It is always necessary to speak with a lawyer as soon as a conflict surrounding labour arises. Employment attorneys for employers are mostly called management attorneys, and they can work on cases regarding wages, hour rates, safety issues or harassment. 

This article briefly highlights what employers need to know about employee claims. 

Getting Ahead of Employee Claims 

It is better to get ahead of employee disputes before it gets to court. A quality business attorney can assist your company in preemptively avoiding these situations. You will need to begin by establishing a framework for these procedures. By doing this, your company can significantly lower the possibility of a legal lawsuit. 

Even if your business is small, you should have an employment handbook. This handbook should have guidelines for ensuring equal opportunity in the workplace. It should also clearly show how aggrieved employees can make a complaint to the management. This way, you can tell when actions and behaviors are against your employment agreement. 

It is crucial to stress that a disagreement with an employee differs from a claim under employment law. Even if the dispute is already happening, it might still be possible to settle it without formally filing a claim. 

You need expert attorney advice as there are several labor laws that you may easily break unintentionally. Because there are various employee count and tenure thresholds under multiple statutes, you may not even be aware of your mistake. 

Our lawyers at Hecht Schondorf can assist you in taking the proper steps to resolve a conflict with an employee if your company in Illinois is already embroiled in one. 

What to Do When Employee Claims are Unavoidable 

You can not always bypass an employee claim. Some situations arise this way, and even if your business follows all the correct procedures, you risk being sued by a current or former employee.

In such cases, you should seek an employment attorney skilled in litigation in labour-related issues. 

The best course of action is to let your employment law attorney testify on behalf of your company whenever a formal claim is filed with the labour agencies. While it is a possibility that the dispute will be settled out of court, it is still advisable to consult with an employment attorney for employers who can make sure that your company’s rights and interests are safeguarded.

The Attorneys at Hecht Schondorf have core experience representing organizations of all kinds.  

If you need legal counsel or representation for employee claims and other legal matters as it concerns your business, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We represent businesses in the Northbrook and Illinois area.