Working with Your Divorce Attorney- Dos and Don’ts

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Divorces can be quite a daunting and emotionally draining experience. Your family law attorney is there to be your legal representation and work through the complicated processes of the law. Having a good rapport with your attorney is essential to ensure the best possible outcomes. It is in your best interest that you and your divorce attorney are on the same page about your situation and wishes. Consider this a guideline for working with your attorney.

DO divulge all necessary information

Your lawyer should be well aware of what transpired in your marriage. This includes sharing details about assets, and financial events like acquiring properties, taking loans, etc. Not doing this may come in the way of how your divorce proceedings go, as it is illegal to hide details about assets during a divorce.

DON’T hide details on any romantic relationships you may be pursuing

Dating during a divorce can be very complicated. Tensions may arise between you and your spouse or children, leading to more difficulty with the divorce process and increased attorney fees. The court may even order that you stop seeing anyone new till the divorce is final. Before you start seeing anyone or going on dates, you should consult with your lawyer about how it may affect your divorce.

DO make the most of your fees

Getting a divorce lawyer is quite an expense, and you should make sure it is a worthy one by making the most of your lawyer’s hours.  Be sure to communicate appropriately with your lawyer about your wishes, standpoint, and preferred outcomes. Finding out information in the middle of court proceedings or changing the end goal may induce more legal difficulty, which you will have to pay your attorney for. It helps to make notes before your attorney meetings so you do not spend the entire time rambling about the difficulties or stories while leaving out the more critical details essential to helping your case.

DON’T be shy to reveal sensitive details, especially about domestic abuse or infidelity

Your divorce attorney has most likely heard cases way more complicated than yours. A confidentiality agreement also binds them, so you do not have to worry about getting exposed to things you share.

If your spouse has had infidelity issues during your marriage, it may be able to make a stronger case for your sake. And if you have, your attorney shouldn’t find this out as a shock. In marriages with a history of physical violence or domestic abuse, the court can sanction a restraining order for your protection.

DON’T be intimidated by your divorce lawyer

Your family law attorney is not only your legal representation at the court; they are also present to simplify legal processes and help you understand what exactly is going on. For an excellent working relationship, you mustn’t get intimidated by your attorney. If you do not feel free or your attorney is not trying to keep you in the loop, you should consider changing your attorney. While this depends on how far the proceedings have gone and the judge’s choice, switching attorneys may help turn around the outcomes of your divorce.

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