Things Every Person Must Know About Probate

It’s not a matter of should know. When it comes to probate, it’s what everyone must know. Welcome to this page of the website. I’m Nina Stillman, estate planning and business attorney for a firm I’m very passionate about– Hecht Schondorf. Here are few important facts about probate – for your benefit and the benefit of the people you love and care about most.

Probate is Treated Unfairly

After being involved in the probate process for over 25 years and understanding it, probate gets a bad rap and needs a public relations firm. People have slandered probate and labeled it as a scary, complicated, time-consuming and expensive process. It’s not any of those things when you have a talented attorney assisting you (or at least not so much). Probate is designed by the state to protect and benefit you. It protects you from those who would wrongfully walk off with your assets, it is here to help your relatives settle your affairs reasonably and efficiently.  At Hecht Schondorf, we are efficient and reasonable attorneys – and people.

Probate Accomplishes Five Main Things

  1. Proves that the deceased or incapacitated person’s will is valid
  2. If no will exists- makes sure debts are paid and assets are distributed fairly according to state law
  3. Appoints a person called a Personal Representative or Administrator to have the responsibility of obtaining and creating an inventory of all assets and debts and distributing the assets and paying the debts per the instructions of the deceased
  4. Pays any outstanding taxes
  5. Resolves family and business disputes that can arise including who gets what personal or corporate property and how much the property can be sold for
  6. Distributes the remaining property or assets as will directs (or according to the provisions of state law if there is no will).

The Final Thing to Know…

Is that I am here to help you at this difficult time, and all the resources and talent of Hecht Schondorf are available to you to make sure your will wishes are heard and fulfilled and probate goes as smoothly as possible.

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