Life, Litigation Law and Music to the Ears of Rich Kolodziej’s Clients

For the Professional Record

Rich Kolodziej is a litigator with twenty years of experience, and the intelligence and heart to defend your rights ethically and passionately. He has successfully tried and litigated cases all over the Chicagoland region, and is a well-known and respected attorney who will competently guide you through the maze of legal worries brought about by litigation.

Unlike a great deal of attorneys out there who “practice” litigation, Rich has actual and extensive real world jury trial experience that ensures successful results for a long and varied list of clients. His track record of wins on behalf of those who entrust him to pursue justice on their behalf is as exceptional as his warm and approachable style.

What I Do

  • Consumer and business contracts
  • Shareholder and partner disputes
  • Employment concerns, issues and disputes
  • Professional malpractice litigation
  • Commercial litigation and The Uniform Commercial Code
  • Construction litigation
  • Federal program funding appeals
  • Representation in catastrophic injury cases
  • First party insurance claims
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation

On a Personal Note

When he’s not litigating and advocating diligently for clients of Hecht Schondorf, Rich marches to the beat of a different drummer, or more accurately as a serious guitarist in an all original rock band.

Because of his passion for music, he has volunteered his time pro bono to Lawyers for The Creative Arts. Rich is also a member of the Lake County Bar Association, and the GLMV Chamber of Commerce

I Believe in Hearing: (Not the Legal Kind)

Lawyers should listen to clients, rather than listening to themselves talk.

Trials Are Not Necessarily Good Things

I think a trial should be the road not taken and certainly less traveled by. I prefer arbitration and mediation first, and counsel my clients to avoid a path that takes forever – literally years—with no way to speed the process. There can be emotional tolls to pay along the way, and it costs a lot. Aside from that, trials are great.

Litigation is the Nuclear Option

That’s not a popular phrase these days. I understand, but litigation is only a blast for me because I enjoy the feeling, the power; I enjoy being in front of a live audience and performing on stage (no cell phone flashlights please), but things can get blown up, relationships can be leveled; there can be fallout and it can rain dough for many years before a “seeming” victory is in hand. I’m not a fan of Pyrrhic victories and prefer working with clients who want to work things out versus staging a confrontation.

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